Suicide Mouse by RiboZurai

Suicide mouse was originally a lost footage from Disney studios, made by Walt Disney himself, Suicide mouse was known to drive you to the brink of suicide after watching it. The plot of the episode is unknown, when you're watching it, the beginning of the episode, you see Mickey Mouse walking past a few building, gently bobbing his head with distorted music, this frame repeats itself until strange things happen in the episode. Things become all flurried, in the audio, screams appear to be replacing the eerie music. Suddenly things become more blurred in the background, Mickey Mouse looking a little more detailed, until it gets a close up view of Mickeys face from what it looked like in the beginning with everything twisting with creepy chiming music, his eyes fall down, the vans still connected with his eyes and eye sockets'. His eyes sinking like ink, he suddenly gets a large twisted smile with sharp cartoonish teeth, curved half a circle. At the end, Russian text appears at the end of the episode. Even though the show wasn't originally popular in other continents besides North America. The text said "the sights of hell bring its viewers back in".

To view the footage, click the URL link to see for yourself [NOTE: NOT ALL DETAILS ARE INCLUDED FROM WHAT THE STORY TAIL'S.]